Monday, 10 December, 2018

CMU shooting suspect expected to be arraigned Monday

CMU shooting suspect expected to be arraigned Monday CMU shooting suspect expected to be arraigned Monday
Melinda Barton | 07 March, 2018, 17:09

Wearing a hospital gown and hooked up to an IV, James Eric Davis, Jr. mumbled and confused the judge at times when he was asked if he understood the charges: two counts of open murder and one count of felony firearm.

The victims were identified as Davis' parents, James Eric Davis Sr. and Diva Jeneen Davis.

Davis' parents were helping him move out for spring break March 2 when he's accused of taking his father's pistol from the family vehicle, returning to his fourth-floor room at Campbell Hall and shot both his parents dead. Their son had acted so strangely the night before, that University police suspected he was on drugs and admitted him to a hospital in Mt.

That ended early Saturday morning with Davis Jr.'s arrest.

Davis Jr.'s parents had come to the university Friday to pick up their son from the hospital and take him back to their hometown in IL for Spring Break.

According to a social media poster, "Eric was upset that they asked him to take out a student loan" and he allegedly murdered his parents because they could no longer afford to pay his university fees as they needed to plan for their own retirement.

A Central Michigan University student charged with murdering his parents at school has been arraigned via video from his hospital bed.

Police shut down the campus and searched for hours.

It was unclear if the gun used in the shooting was his service weapon, Yeagley said. He was arrested early Saturday following a daylong manhunt. They say Davis was seen on a train passing through the north end of campus shortly after midnight. For hours the campus went into lockdown mode while a manhunt involving local and state police also included help from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ATF. The family is from the Chicago suburb of Plainfield, where Davis Sr. was a part-time police officer in Bellwood, Illinois. Davis a sophomore at Central Michigan.

It is reported that after the shooting, Davis was found about 100 guards for about 16 hours.