Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Tesla cuts Model 3 price for second time this year

Water Cooler Tesla expected to roll out 'Dog Mode' Elon Musk Says 'Dog Mode' Is Coming to Tesla Cars This Week
Nellie Chapman | 13 February, 2019, 20:16

A fan tweeted at Elon Musk, asking for a dog mode, which keeps the air conditioning on and plays music.

Tesla has more than halved the staff in its department that delivers Model 3 to North American buyers.

"We sold through just about every auto we had on the ground and we called nearly every being on the planet who had ever expressed desire to own a Tesla to let them know the tax credit was expiring", said the other ex-employee. Tesla has reached the cap of the federal EV incentive, which runs out once a company sells more than 200,000 electric cars cumulatively in the States.

"The profitability picture for 2019 and the all-important Model 3 demand trajectory in Europe for Tesla looks encouraging for Musk & Co., but there is clearly heavy lifting ahead around Europe logistics/cost-cutting/driving incremental USA demand that will remain overhangs and thus make Tesla a "prove me" story the next few quarters", Wedbush's Ives said.

Do you plan to buy an electric vehicle in 2019?

Tesla is expected to update its Model 3 vehicles with a new Dog Mode feature. That is only a month away, and it's unsure if Musk himself would be the one to drag the curtains of the brand new automotive.

Musk was no longer in Norway on February 11, the spokesman said. Even with two price cuts this year, the lowest price tag on a Model 3 is now $42,900. Presumably in the middle of this year, the market still appears Model 3 for 35 thousand dollars, then the demand for the products the company has to jump.

Musk has said Tesla has multiple ways of stoking demand, if it chose to, such as offering leases or boosting marketing efforts. He is also going to review the service in Norway since there has been some frustration because of delayed Tesla Model 3 orders.

In line with Teslarati, Musk talked about how Tesla can mass produce Model Y from Model X components and the way they're in a position to distribute the brand new SUV to each America and China.

The Tesla Model S and other cars from Tesla will benefit from the Dog Mode, another feature that will be introduced soon.