Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Jennifer Lopez Defends Grammys Motown Tribute: "I’m Just Very Humbled"

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Stacy Diaz | 13 February, 2019, 05:02

"Everybody", he said. "Who's stupid enough to protest Jennifer Lopez doing anything for Motown?".

When the Grammys announced that tonight's show would include a tribute to the music of Motown, it was fitting.

One person suggested the role should be handed to an artist like Beyonce or Kelly Rowland.

Lopez said she dedicated her performance to her mother. "How do you do a Motown tribute without an ALL BLACK cast of artists?!" The 49-year-old singer said she grew up on Motown music through her mom, listening to different artists such as The Temptations and The Supremes. But viewers thought it was not right for Lopez to be honouring such an important time in black music because, frankly, she isn't black.

- She IsAble (@blueladybug22)I was not pleased with this J-Lo bidi bidi bom bom "Motown" performance. Why??

At Saturday's Clive Davis' pre-Grammy gala, Robinson defended Lopez' performance, pointing to the credibility of her youth spent growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood in the Bronx. Lopez came out to perform some of the biggest hits, including "Dancing in the Street", "Mr. Postman", "The Best Things in Life Are Free", and "Do You Love Me?" "You gotta do what's in your heart". You can't tell people what they can and can't do, what they should sing or not sing.

Sharing that Berry Gordy and Grammys producers had been "thrilled" that she'd been tapped to perform, she continued, "They know how much I have been influenced by that music and so it was a natural fit for them", adding, "But for some people, [it wasn't], and that's okay".

"I don't think anyone who is intelligent is upset", Robinson told Variety.

"Motown 60: A Grammy Celebration" will take place on February 12.

Robinson elaborated, "Motown was music for everybody". With a medley of huge Motown classics, she put up a dramatic performance in a duet with Smokey Robinson and Alicia Keys.