Friday, 15 February, 2019

Colonization of Mars canceled: Mars One goes bankrupt

Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp. Credit Mars One video via YouTube Mars One is dead
Theresa Hayes | 13 February, 2019, 22:52

Mars One Ventures, the company that made space-high promises of sending part of the human race to the Red Planet, is reportedly bankrupt.

Almost seven years after it first grabbed headlines, Mars One, a startup that wanted to send the first human colony to Mars, is officially dead.

It was assumed that the main source of funding for the project will be a live television show that will broadcast the daily life of the colonists on Mars.

In 2016, Mars One Ventures was procured by the Swiss organization InFin Innovative Finance, however, its site does not give off an impression of being active any longer. "The goal of the investor and Mars One is to achieve either a reversal of the administration or a restart based on a financial agreement with the liquidator". A portion of the press release explains what the company has been doing lately, which has very little to do with traveling to Mars: During the last few months, discussions have been held with a new investment company. But the vexing question is, just why in the hell would anybody want to salvage Mars One? And then, things went from "dream on" to "oh, no".

Lansdorp told Engadget that the Mars One Foundation is still operating, but could not do anything of note without additional investment.

Describing its potential astronauts, Mars One said it was looking for people who are "intelligent, creative, psychologically stable and physically healthy".

The company's creator, Bas Lansdorp has also confirmed the news of bankruptcy stating he was working on a solution. Today's angel investor claimed feels suspiciously timed to counter the many news reports that came out yesterday following the discovery of Mars One's bankruptcy. And she said she was still excited at the idea of getting to Mars someday - perhaps by applying for NASA's space program and joining one of its missions to Earth's neighbor.