Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Fox News Host Pete Hegseth Causes Hubbub Over Hand-Washing

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Melinda Barton | 12 February, 2019, 05:29

In contrast with Hegseth, Trump is a self-proclaimed "germaphobe" who reportedly has a disdain for handshakes and a passion for frequent hand washing.

Hegseth dismissed the pizza as being "old" and went on to say: "My 2019 resolution is to say things on-air that I say off-air". The senior political analyst for Fox News admitted live on air, unprompted that he hasn't washed his hands for ten years.

"Exactly", Hegseth replied. "I can't get sick".

But sources say colleagues are still giving him a wide berth after he uses the bathroom.

The entire exchange was prompted by Bila acknowledging that Hegseth was eating day-old pizza that had been left on the "Fox & Friends" set overnight, according to Raw Story.

'I inoculate myself, ' he continued.

"We're on a show and we have fun and we banter and I'm like, eh, 'you know, maybe I haven't washed my hands for 10 years, '" Hegseth told the outlet.

Some noted that being too obsessed with hygiene could also be a bad thing, by possibly lowering one's natural resistance to germs.

One BBC reader, Steve M, said: "I didn't think I would ever say this - I agree with Donald Trump on this!"

One wrote: 'I think I'm going to throw up.

Hegseth confirmed the joke when he retweeted and commented on MSNBC host Chris Hayes' tweet, which said, "he's. pretty clearly joking?"

A Fox News spokeswoman told The Washington Post Hegseth was joking, of course, which he later said was "obvious".

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dedicates several pages of its website to hand-washing, underscoring its importance in preventing the spread of germs.

Come on people, you really need to be washing your hands.

Hegseth's thinking is at-odds with science which has long confirmed that germs, and microbes live nearly everywhere: on food, animals, and plants, in the air, and in soil and water and on people's hands.