Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Samsung and Verizon to launch 5G phone in 2019

Samsung and Verizon to launch 5G phone in 2019 Samsung and Verizon to launch 5G phone in 2019
Sherri Watson | 11 February, 2019, 03:57

The folks at Patently Mobile spotted the patent, which was filed with the US Patent Office earlier this year, and hints at the possibility of Samsung using what it refers to as "force touch" technology in its smartphones, (which we already knew) but also smartwatches.

During a keynote address, Cristiano Amon, president, Qualcomm Incorporated, discussed the progress and leadership Qualcomm Technologies has shown on the path to commercialisation of 5G.

These new Snapdragon 855 chips will feature sub-6 GHz and mmWave support, 4th-generation on-device AI engine, true 4K HDR video capture, cinema-grade photography capabilities, and a 3D Sonic Sensor. This is the second device which will be available through the AT&T portfolio, having announced a 5G Mobile Hotspot, in partnership with Netgear back in October.

"Today marks a massive and exciting step forward underscoring how Qualcomm Technologies and ecosystem leaders are driving 5G commercialisation, a journey that went from R&D, accelerated standardization and trials, the launch of innovative products and technologies, to the imminent launch of 5G networks and smartphones across the globe starting in early 2019", said Amon. Then join our Team! It is not yet known what model will implement next-generation 5G mobile communication services.

But Qualcomm won't be embedding a 5G-capable X50 modem in every single Snapdragon 855 unit. Recall, however, that the Snapdragon 855 used for the demonstration should equip the future Samsung Galaxy S10 in the United States during its expected release for Spring 2019. The platform also delivers the Snapdragon Elite Gaming, bringing next level gaming experiences to premium mobile devices. Lastly, the company announced the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor-an under-display fingerprint sensor solution that uses ultrasonic waves, unlike optical under-display fingerprint sensors which use light.

Yesterday we heard that the 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 is coming to Verizon in the U.S. and now it looks like the handset is also headed to AT&T.