Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Microsoft pleads with companies to dump Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Stop using Internet Explorer warns Microsoft's own security chief
Sherri Watson | 10 February, 2019, 20:38

According to the latest Netmarketshare numbers, nearly 8% of the users still use Internet Explorer as opposed to the 4% who use Microsoft Edge.

Mr. Jackson in a blog post warned that companies using Internet Explorer are taking on a "technical debt" to pay for support on old software and could end up using "a 1999 implementation of web standards" if they didn't take all the necessary measures to update it when creating new web pages.

The company, which first developed Internet Explorer in 1995, is no longer supporting new development for the web browser.

We are not supporting new web standards for this, while many sites work excellent, large and developers are not experimenting and testing for Internet Explorer these days. Microsoft has published a whole blog post shedding light on the problems of using IE right now and why users should move to modern browsers. Well, since it was replaced with Edge, Internet Explorer hasn't gotten better with age.

Still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as your default browser?

Jackson explains that Internet Explorer should only be used for internal sites that won't run on any other browser (pointing out that however it seems, he's not actually flying the flag for Edge, specifically, because of course he isn't) and a few legacy websites, mostly enterprise related.

The landscape has seen a considerable shift since then- Chrome is now the dominant browser, in terms of market share, followed by Safari in a distant second place, and then Firefox, according to both StatCounter and Net Applications.

Microsoft is pleading with users to ditch its web browser, Internet Explorer, which the firm officially discontinued in 2015. Get up to date, get the most out of the web and your business.

Microsoft has recommended users to try and stay ahead of the curve and transition to new modern browser for not only compatibility improvements but also security reasons as well. Microsoft recently announced that it will be ending support for Internet Explorer 10 on January 31, 2020.