Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Apex Legends: How to Fix Party Not Ready Issue & What It Is

Fortnite It's what all the kids are into nowadays FORTNITEFortnite It's what all the kids are into nowadays
Sherri Watson | 09 February, 2019, 16:28

The plot twist: EA shares were up more than 13% on Friday afternoon.

There is so much content for fans and players to enjoy right now regarding Apex Legends from checking out our tier list for the best and worst characters as well as the best guns in the game. The developer has announced that its new game has been downloaded by over 10 million players globally within 72 hours. Despite being "yet another" battle royale (BR) game, Titanfall dev Respawn Entertainment's latest project has clearly captured the attention of gamers around the globe - and it's not hard to see why.

Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends has sparked an wave of discussion in the gaming community, the focal point of this discussion seems to be based around the idea that Apex Legends is a "Fortnite killer".

Instead of merely jumping on the BR bandwagon, Apex Legends actually attempts to shake the formula up a bit.

Have you played Apex Legends?

Fortnite is played by millions of gamers around the world
JACKSON THOMAS STUFFFortnite is played by millions of gamers around the world

According to a report by FortniteNews, Epic Games appears to be utilizing advertisements to ward off the competition of Respawn's Apex Legends.

That represents a much faster uptake rate than other wildly popular games like Pokémon Go, Candy Crush, and even Fortnite.

It's easy to hate on EA, but having Apex Legends under its belt is a positive thing and judging by the numbers, the company seems to be doing something right. Respawn has been clear that the game isn't a sequel to Titanfall 2 and that more is coming in the Titanfall universe in the future.

Although a free-to-play game, the game does feature loot boxes in the form of Apex Packs, which cost money. However, that was most likely because the other two people left before the start and not because of a lack of players.