Thursday, 17 January, 2019

An egg dethrones Kylie Jenner's most-liked Instagram post

Stacy Diaz | 14 January, 2019, 11:07

It would also be the first non-human in Instagram's top 20 most-liked posts, with celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Beyonce and Selena Gomez owning the lion's share of top photos.

While she really didn't have to address it, Kylie thought it was really amusing that her biggest competition is an egg! But that record has been fried by an image of an egg.

"Let's set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram", the caption says next to the picture of the egg.

Kylie Jenner has officially lost her title for the most-liked picture on Instagram to an egg. And it beat the last record holder - a photo of model Kylie Jenner's baby posted last February - by a whopping 6 million in just 10 days.

What do you think of Kylie's latest 'nemesis?' Will she get her crown back or not?

"Take that little egg", she wrote. The photo is, obviously, a stock photo of an egg, and nothing else.

Users have already been active reacting in support of the egg, posting their likes and memes all over social media.

Right, so we're just going to lie down for a few minutes and process this information for a sec. Only time will tell!