Thursday, 17 January, 2019

VLC for Android will soon support casting to Apple TVs via Airplay

VLC Expected to Break 3B Downloads at CES, Will Add Airplay Soon VLC Media Player Passes 3 Billion Downloads Mark, AirPlay Support Coming Soon
Sherri Watson | 13 January, 2019, 20:59

This means Android users will be able to send video content from their devices to an Apple TV.

VideoLAN, the non-profit organisation behind the VLC media player, set up a dedicated booth at CES 2019 where a counter created using multiple smartphones and tablets kept a tab on VLC's download figures across all platforms.

The team behind VLC is excited about surpassing the 3 billion downloads milestone since its first release back in 2001. Its simplicity is exactly what made it so popular among users and got it almost 3 billion downloads. According to Variety, it is expected that VLC will surpass its downloads goal at some point in the day on Friday.

Kempf also shared some of the roadmap for VLC with Variety, which includes implementing Airplay.

The VLC development team added support for Chromecast, Google's AirPlay equivalent, earlier this year.

VLC is one of the world's most popular video players, largely thanks to the fact that it's open sourced and can support pretty much any video or audio format that you throw at it. The solution VLC came up with instead added only one megabyte to the app's size.

Mr. Kempf has been quoted saying that this feature could end up rolling out to Android devices using VLC in about a month.

Another feature demonstrated at CES was enhanced support for VR, which makes it possible to watch traditional 2D movies in a virtual theater environment within headsets like the HTC Vive. This, however, raises the suspicion that VLC could compete with other media streaming apps like Kodi. Let us know in the comments!

The one billion downloads mark was hit in 2012 and the 2 billion downloads mark in 2016.