Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Samsung launches a massive 219-inch "The Wall" TV

Samsung goes big with a 219-inch TV Samsung Unveils ‘The Wall’ — a Massive 219-inch TV
Sherri Watson | 13 January, 2019, 19:44

"This is our R9 signature OLED TV for 2019", an LG spokesperson added. The Backlight Master Drive from Sony's 2016 Z Series TVs bulks the shape out somewhat - while also acknowledging that, sometimes, you just need bigger hardware to get the job truly done.

Televisions are always a big star at CES.

"The Wall" uses micro-LED technology for a brighter picture than current TV's.

Of course, with a 219-inch television set, your next decision is probably going to be which realtor you will call to find a house that has walls that can fit an 18-foot screen. It is powered by the company's second-gen Alpha 9 processor.

Apart from launching a rollable TV, LG also unveiled an 88-inch 8K TV fitted with an OLED panel. The television comes in at 98 inches and 8K QLED resolution, giving it more than 33 million pixels. You may be watching this newscast right now on a 4K television, but pretty soon you'll want one of these 8K TVs.

"As consumers are buying bigger and bigger TVs, they're not moving their couches back so they're sitting closer and closer to the TV", the expert said.