Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Amazon to Launch Cloud Gaming Service

Report: Amazon is developing its own game streaming service Amazon reportedly working on game streaming service, talking to publishers about signing up
Sherri Watson | 13 January, 2019, 19:12

Whether the service will actually come to fruition is anyone's guess, but assuming The Information's coverage is accurate, it's hardly an unprecedented move for the online retail giant.

In a sense, Amazon is already in the game streaming space. Not many details about the project are currently known, though Amazon is understood to be positioning it as a direct rival to Google's Project Stream and Sony's PlayStation Now, as well as Microsoft's Project xCloud. And it should go without saying, services like this coming to fruition would represent a huge transformation of the business model supporting the video game industry, as the new report notes. Sony was definitely ahead of the curve but the service offers older games that invariably have performance issues. We expect various Twitch features to be wrapped into the service like game video broadcasting and viewing, as well as the Twitch game store and the friends and communications infrastructure.

Amazon, also in the competition to acquire cloud gaming, remained quiet regarding its ambitions in the market up until Thursday. Amazon's endless efforts to continue adding value to Prime memberships is largely based on one straightforward statistic - Prime subscribers tend to spend a lot more on its eCommerce platform than regular users do. The service is slated to launch next year, the report said.

Amazon is already one of the world's leading video game retailers, but it may soon have an even larger presence in the market.

That's not all. The company's Amazon Web Services cloud platform has a dedicated unit for working with game publishers.

Gaming in the cloud has not exactly exploded in popularity just yet, but the timing is interesting. Its cloud infrastructure is probably its biggest asset, but it also has more money than god and a CEO with a sociopathic drive to crush competition.

Amazon has yet to confirm any news, and no release date or pricing has been announced.