Friday, 18 January, 2019

Top Bernie Sanders 2016 Campaign Aide Accused of Forcibly Kissing Staffer

Senator Bernie Sanders has been rattled by accusations from several women on his 2016 presidential campaign that they were harassed or mistreated by campaign staff Top adviser for Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign accused of forcibly kissing woman staffer
Melinda Barton | 11 January, 2019, 17:09

And Politico reported that several women on his 2016 campaign signed a letter requesting a meeting with Sanders and his leadership team 'to discuss the issue of sexual violence and harassment on the 2016 campaign'.

Weaver is a longtime Sanders ally who served as chief of staff during Sanders' tenure in the U.S. House and later in the Senate.

The New York Times also has detailed allegations of unwanted sexual advances and pay inequity on Sanders' 2016 campaign.

While Sanders is reportedly becoming more serious by the day about forging a second White House bid to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020, dozens of women and men who worked on the his 2016 presidential campaign have signed a letter requesting a meeting with the Vermont senator and his top political advisers "to discuss the issue of sexual violence and harassment on the 2016 campaign, for the objective of planning to mitigate the issue in the upcoming presidential cycle", Politico reported.

'To the women in our campaign who were harassed or mistreated, I apologize.

"Candidates who allow people like Robert Becker to lead their organisations shouldn't earn the highest office in our government", said the woman, naming the aide. Per the outlet, top Sanders "aides did not endorse, but did not disavow, either".

Becker, 50, reportedly did this to the 20-something campaign staffer at a bar in Philadelphia in July 2016. Sanders is already putting together a campaign. This can't happen in 2020. He denied forcibly kissing the woman, calling it "at odds with my recollection of a late evening filled with many hugs and kisses and tears and conversations about what's next".

Hillary Clinton officially secured the Democratic presidential nomination over Sanders at the convention. In 2016, as the size of our campaign exploded we made efforts to make it a positive experience for people.

"During the process of routine background checks being conducted, I would occasionally be asked to review potentially questionable or damaging social media posts of potential hires", Becker said in reply to that allegation.

In an interview Wednesday, former campaign manager Jeff Weaver told the network that he had never meant to manage a potential 2020 campaign. A former Sanders delegate called the culture an "entire wave of rotten sexual harassment that seemingly was never dealt with".

"I was little bit busy running around the country trying to make the case", Sanders told CNN on January 2. But he also apologized to "any woman who felt that she was not treated appropriately", adding that if he does decide to run again he would "do better".

Sanders said he was unaware of the alleged behavior happening during his campaign because he was "a little busy" running for president.

"Clearly we need a cultural revolution in this country to change workplace attitudes and behavior".