Friday, 15 February, 2019

Jerry Jones buys quarter-billion dollar yacht with helipads, plural

Jerry-Showing-Nothing-But-Support-For-Garrett-hero Jerry Jones buys quarter-billion dollar yacht with helipads, plural
Kristopher Love | 11 January, 2019, 00:05

It remains to be seen whether the Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year, but owner Jerry Jones has already scored big.

Mr. Jones, 76-whose net worth is valued at $6.8 billion-reportedly spent $250 million on the impressive yacht, $110 million more than he paid for the National Football League team in 1989.

There's also a suite of spa amenities, including its own massage room, sauna, steam room and plunge pool.

The new yacht is called Bravo Eugenia and named after Jones' wife, Gene Jones, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The yacht was constructed by Dutch company Oceanco and engineered by Lateral Naval Architects. The ship has a single-tiered engine room, which allows for the ship's slender design and more room for guest accommodations, according to the builder.

"The interior is a sophisticated, elegant, contemporary design that features light maple wood and white pearl lacquer with contrasting accents of walnut and ebony", according to an Oceanco press release. The lower deck encompasses a gym and a luxurious "beach club", a yachting term for the ship's waterside lounge.

The 358-foot long boat looks more like a battleship than it does a weekend getaway vessel, but I guess that's the kind of flex you can make when your net worth is $6.8 billion.

When your name is Jerry Jones and you are the owner of the most valuable sports franchises in the world, chances are the gifts you purchase for yourself won't be made at your local mall. Jones bought America's Team for $140 million back in 1989 and just took care of a $250 million price tag for Bravo Eugenia.