Friday, 18 January, 2019

Baby’s head left in womb in freak accident while being born

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Melinda Barton | 11 January, 2019, 14:43

After the botched delivery, the accused male nurse and his colleague took the torso of the baby to the mortuary of the hospital and asked the family of the victim to take her to Jaisalmer for further treatment.

Trilok Singh, father of the baby, said, "I had taken my wife to the community health centre in Ramgarh on January 6 for delivery".

The mum, Dikhsha Kanwar, is now reportedly fighting for her life.

The incident was reported from Jaisalmer's Ramgarh.

In June past year, a British gynaecologist was found guilty of medical misconduct, after she accidentally decapitated an unborn baby in the womb. Despite being a high-risk case, the two nurses on duty-Amritram and Jhunjhar Ram-tried to deliver the chid of seven-month pregnant Deeksha without the presence of a doctor.

Later, a team of doctors headed by Dr Ravindra Sankhla operated the victim again and found that the foetus' head is in the womb.

What is more shocking is that the woman named Diksha Kumar visited a different hospital only to find out about the fiasco as the staff at the previous hospital didn't inform her about the debacle.

After the incident, they asked family members to take the woman to Jaisalmer claiming that the opening of the womb had closed and it was hard to take the umbilical cord out.

The alleged incident happened at a government-run health centre in Rajasthan's Jaisalmer district.

The investigating officer of the case, Jalam Singh, said the woman's husband had filed a complaint against the two nurses.

Mr Bhati alleged that the nurses at the Ramgarh centre were drunk.

No arrest has been made so far, the officer added.

'When questioned, the hospital staffers handed over the lower part of the foetus to us.