Friday, 18 January, 2019

Chrome prepares major ad blocker update

Sherri Watson | 10 January, 2019, 23:43

Google has now announced plans to expand Chrome's ad-filtering tool across the globe and has revealed that the Web browser will begin blocking obtrusive ads starting July 9 on mobile and desktop.

The initiative was put to action after Google joined the Coalition for Better Ads to improve the online ads, however, these changes were so far limited to US, Canada, and Europe.

As was the case with the initial rollout of its ad blocker, the date does not coincide with a new version of its browser as Chrome 76 will arrive on May 30th and Chrome 77 is set to launch on July 25th. The 12 different types of ads that will be blocked include pop-ups, auto-playing videos, full-screen ads, along with pre-stitial ads that generally appear before a page has even fully loaded.

Currently, Chrome's ad blocker is only active for Chrome users in the US, Canada, and Europe, after it was initially rolled out in an initial stage in February 2018.

Website owners can check if their sites use ads that break the Better Ads Standards using a special dashboard named the Ad Experience Report, where they can also request removal from Google's ad block backlist when they remediated any issues with intrusive ads.

The Coalition is expanding its standards to cover all countries, which has prompted Google's forthcoming Chrome update. Google will first warn the concerned parties if an ad is detrimental to users' web experience, and if they fail to take necessary action, Chrome will block them on the website. According to Google, two thirds of publishers whose sites were labelled as non-compliant in the past are now in good standing and less than one per cent of all of the sites it has reviewed have had their ads filtered.

Google recommends that you do not change this setting and allow Chrome to continue blocking ads on abusive sites in order to protect you from malware and other unwanted experiences.

Chrome has had some success with the Better Ads Standards program.