Thursday, 17 January, 2019

LG Signature OLED TV R literally rolls up inside its own base

David Vander Waal, LG US' senior vice-president of marketing and Tim Alessi LG US' senior director of home entertainment product marketing showing off the Signature Oled TV R rollable TV during a press conference at Las Vegas on Jan 7 2 CES 2019: LG launches 88-inch OLED display with dizzying 8K resolution
Stacy Diaz | 09 January, 2019, 00:01

Lastly, in Zero View, all 65 inches of the rollable OLED TV is hidden from view, tucked away in the base.

Defining the next generation of television, the signature OLED TV R gives home television viewers infinite possibilities in designing their flawless viewing space with its innovative rollable display.

LG first showed off a prototype, rollable OLED TV at last year's CES, but the OLED TV R is the first model we've seen that appears to be a consumer product (though LG has not yet announced pricing or availability).

But all those nifty features mean the sleek looking 4K set - provisionally dubbed the Signature Series OLED TV R - will likely be extremely expensive when it hits store shelves in late 2019. Line View enables the TV to be partially unrolled, where users can operate Clock mode to check the time and weather and Frame mode to view family photos from a smartphone. On top of a 65-inch 8K OLED display (pictured above and below), it's showing off a 65-inch 4K OLED panel with a "world's fastest" motion picture response time of just 3.5ms. The sound bar at the bottom includes 100W Dolby Sound surround speakers for great audio experience. The new TV is equipped with LG's second generation of Alpha 9 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm for a stunning AI picture and sound quality.

This comes a year after LG added Google Assistant to its flagship TVs, which remains available on 2019 models. Plus, with AirPlay 2, users can play videos from other Apple devices and access iTunes. With the TV, users can get tasks done with Amazon Alexa, including daily reminders, monitoring other smart home devices, and asking questions.

Lastly, LG also announced HomeBrew.