Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Kevin Hart Once Again Apologizes To The LGBTQ Community Amid Oscars Controversy!

Kevin Hart Apologizes for His Past Anti-LGBTQ Comments Kevin Hart Says He Won't Be Pressured into Being an LGBTQ Ally, Don Lemon Responds
Stacy Diaz | 09 January, 2019, 18:07

He did say, 'I'm sorry, I apologize. "I apologize", Hart said in the third person on the show, according to Deadline.

'I can't do it this year, it's not going to happen, in the future if it does it does but it's not the conversation of today'. The Academy, they're unbelievable people, the offer was made, it was received, I was excited, things happened, it didn't work out the way that it should've.

"We thought it was okay to talk like that [in the past], because that's how we talked to one another", Hart explained. "Whatever. However, you want to feel", he stated. "I understand you", he continued, adding that he hopes the LGBTQ community can forgive him and accept he's a different person from the one who sent those tweets nearly a decade ago.

Hart said that his words were "chopped up" in previous apologies on his Sirius XM show Straight from the Hart. He said, "Whether I like it or not, whether you like it or not, that is his right".

"I really had to dive into the whole thing - even the tweets", Hart said of the resurfaced past jokes.

The comedian says he wants to join the fight for equality, but encourages LGBTQ listeners to recognize when someone owns up to their mistakes and wants to grow from them. "That's why I said, for the last time, I'm addressing this. Where does the equality part come in?"

Recently Ellen DeGeneres fanned the flames when Hart appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain and defend why he chose to step down from hosting the 2019 Oscars next month, after his old homophobic jokes surfaced and he found himself reluctantly apologizing for something he felt he had already done a decade earlier. Shortly after, reports have floated that ABC is open to Hart returning hosting the Oscars, which have flagged in viewership over the past few years. I shouldn't have to prove who I am, I shouldn't have to prove the levels of love that I am capable of giving. "You're the best", Rock said.

Last week, Hart had said he was re-evaluating that decision after the openly-gay comedian Ellen DeGeneres, a past Oscars host, said she had called the Academy to advocate for Hart.

The speculation came weeks after he stepped down from the event while also apologizing for past homophobic tweets. "You can't let them destroy you and they can't destroy you because you have too much talent". He took proudly to social media afterwards to announce it but his elation was short-lived. So you have to come to a point where you know that you've given all that you possibly can.