Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Fans outraged after A Star Is Born snubbed at Golden Globes

Stacy Diaz | 09 January, 2019, 08:40

A model stationed on the Golden Globes' red carpet with a tray of water bottles became the unexpected star of the night. "I had absolutely no idea what was happening because I obviously didn't have my phone on me", she told People, as she described the social media frenzy she faced once her work was complete.

Cuthbert reacted to her sudden fame in an interview with Glamour, telling the magazine, "I do love a good meme, so I think it's incredibly ironic and amusing that I'm one now".

She does have a favorite photo of the many she appeared in Sunday: It's the one where she appears behind comic actor Jim Carrey. News tracked down the model and even awarded her "Best Supporting Actress On A Red Carpet" to reward her for her plucky ploy at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, California. Check out the full video below that was uploaded onto Youtube and see what Cuthbert looked like before she was known as the Fiji Water Girl.

She added, "Thank you B, and thank you Warner Bros".

Cuthbert photobombed many celebrities on the red carpet with the tray in her hand.

Doing the rounds online, the star has had a tongue-in-cheek reaction to the interest in her shots. Safe to say, the model's spontaneity helped raise Fiji Water's brand awareness among consumers.

While the internet is still deciding if it was a savvy model or a brazen publicity stunt, internet can't have enough of the woman - now revealed to be a Los Angeles-based model Kelleth Cuthbert.

In a video posted on Instagram, the entertainment news outlet cheekily crowned her the victor of Best Supporting Actress on a Red Carpet for her "role" in Fiji Water Girl.

According to Time, FIJI Water has served as the "official water brand" for the Golden Globes since 2015.

Kelleth Cuthbert is having a pretty good week. She's also worked for the German agency East West.

"I've been photobombing since I was a kid", she said with a laugh. Follow Yahoo Lifestyle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.