Friday, 18 January, 2019

Experts Say These Diets Are The Most Successful For Losing Weight

Melissa Porter | 07 January, 2019, 02:14

So right now while everyone is all jazzed to lose weight fast, slow is better.

For millions of people, changing eating habits for the better will near the top of the list of New Year's Resolution lists.

2018 brought us many wellness fads, including the keto and carnivore diets, intermittent fasting, carb cycling and more.

She says the Mediterranean Diet is based on the cuisine of the Mediterranean region, which includes lean proteins such as fish and beans, as well as healthy fats, whole grains and a large amount of plant-based foods, like fruits, vegetables and legumes.

"I hope these rankings steer people in the direction of doing something healthful", said nutritionist Samantha Heller of NYU Langone Health in New York City.

The Weight Watchers diet tied for fourth place with the MIND diet.

This is the second year in a row the U.S. World News Report chose Mediterranean as the best diet of the year.

Research has shown the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of heart disease and may have numerous other health benefits, including reduction of LDL, or "bad", cholesterol, as well as a decreased risk of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and cancer. The problem with plans that focus on fast weight loss, however, is that they don't teach you how to eat well every day.

When a person fills their diet with the kinds of fresh, unprocessed foods found in the Mediterranean diet, they may lose weight, improve their heart health, and prevent diabetes, according to US News. Those two diets tied for the 38th spot out of 41 diet plans reviewed by U.S. News and World Report's panel of medical experts. Like Heller, the expert panelists emphasized the importance of well-balanced, sustainable diets that aren't overly restrictive. "It reinforces that everything we've been told about dieting and weight loss does remain true".

"These diets that are consistently top performers are scoring well, from nutrition to helpfulness, ease, ability to help prevent chronic conditions and more", Haupt said.

A number of popular diets, including the keto diet, Dukan diet, and the Whole30 diet received some of the lowest rankings on U.S. News' list. It's very similar to the Mediterranean plan. And, hopefully one that teaches you to eat healthy for life.