Friday, 15 February, 2019

IPhone XS Max Reportedly Catches Fire in Man's Pocket

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Sherri Watson | 03 January, 2019, 05:10

Hillard then ventured off to his local Apple Store to inquire about fix or replacement of the iPhone. The man identified as Josh Hillard said the phone was not in use when the incident occurred and is not sure either as to what might have caused the fire.

According to the report, Hillard claims that he noticed a cloud of thick smoke emanating from his iPhone XS Max and felt a burning sensation on his skin due to the large amount of heat generated.

Hillard is now said to be considering legal action against Apple.

"The employee told me that she had to call the safety team and took the phone to a back room and did not return or update me on the status of my problem for about 40 minutes".

He later went home, contacted Apple Care and started the entire process again, to which he received an email asking him to send in photos of the damaged phone, his burned clothes and any other injuries that may have been caused. This was when he was promised a replacement unit and also received the same.

Hillard said, "I went to the doctor that night to get X-rays and get a checkup from the heavy smoke inhalation and exposure irritation".

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Sony is already supplying camera sensors to major tech companies including Apple, Samsung and Google. He also emailed them pictures of his damaged phone.

So far this is the only reported incident in which the iPhone XS Max caught fire. This isn't, however, confirmed with many suggesting that Apple may hold off on its release until 2020.

The following day a supervisor looked into the file and offered a new phone.

Is it impossible to eliminate such incidents?

At the time of the incident, he was on a lunch break in a break room with a colleague. After explaining everything to a specialist over the phone, sharing photos of the destroyed iPhone XS Max, and engaging in multiple follow-up calls, he was essentially offered the same thing - a replacement smartphone. It will comprise an eight-core CPU as compared to A12's six-core CPU which was used in Apple iPhone XS. Last month one iPhone X allegedly exploded after it was upgraded to iOS 12.1.

"When I held the phone it was very hot and I drop the phone immediately".

It turns out that Apple's highest-end iPhone this year doesn't just cost a lot of money, it could potentially cost you your clothes, shoes, and health as well.