Thursday, 17 January, 2019

The Essential Phone Gets Discontinued As Focus Shifts To ‘Next Mobile Product’

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Sherri Watson | 31 December, 2018, 15:32

Back in 2017, the Essential Phone was poised to shake up the Android market, promising the flawless smartphone experience. This particular device would feature high-end specs and an edge-to-edge display, meant to compete with other popular flagships well established in the market. Current owners of the smartphone will continue to receive updates for the foreseeable future. Earlier company has cut 30% workforce.

Rumors that Essential and its portfolio of products are up for sale have been floating around all year, but in a statement given to 9to5Google, a company spokesperson said the focus was now on the "next mobile product" - whatever that might be. If you have one, then, as the company promised, you'll keep receiving software updates and the support.

While fans and lover of the works of Andy Rubin's Essential had hoped for a better product, the company had also made it known that it will be working on a newer mobile device which had been rumored to be a tiny device that uses AI to answer emails and text messages.

We are sold out of Essential Phone on and wont be adding any new inventory.

The Essential Phones also nicknamed PH-1 are out of stock after being sold out during the holiday season, and it seems that the company will not make any more handsets because they're focusing on the next mobile devices. Additionally, the company will continue selling PH-1's accessories and keep providing software updates and customer support for the same.

Unfortunately, though, it looks like the Essential Phone has run out of steam. If or when a second Essential mobile device appears, there may be some loyal customers waiting for it.