Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Instagram gets rid of scrolling - by accident

The Instagram app is seen in the App Store on an iPhone on Dec. 1 2017 Instagram releases major update to feed, users trash it on Twitter and the update disappears
Sherri Watson | 29 December, 2018, 15:59

People took to Twitter to complain about the update, begging Instagram to change it back to how it was beforehand.

The update forced users to scroll through the feed horizontally instead of vertically, like swiping on dating app Tinder, and was reportedly so unpopular that it "was live for about an hour before it was rolled back".

This morning, Instagram appeared to be rolling out-or at least testing-a new feed that could have you tapping and swiping rather than scrolling.

The update triggered an immediate reaction on social media, with users flooding Twitter with their grievances, causing the hashtag "instagramfail" to trend.

- Alex Heath (@alexeheath) December 27, 2018Sorry about that, this was supposed to be a very small test but we went broader than we anticipated.

Instagram releases major update to feed, users trash it on Twitter and the update disappears

But everyone can relax. Instagram quickly reverted back to the original top-to-bottom scrolling feature even before everyone had seen the update.

It turns out that Instagram didn't intend to roll out the update as widely as it did.

Social media was instantly flooded with users reacting negatively to the abrupt change. And, just as feeds creeped in to every other app, it's inevitable too that the mechanics of Stories will soon be showing up in more places before you know it. The accidental update affected only iPhone users and Android and desktop users were spared from the accidental "tap through posts" update. The horizontal feed seemingly only affected the main feed while it was active, as user profiles still used the standard scrolling feed. Annoying for the people used to not really paying attention to most of what flies by them on the app, but something that could be a nice selling point for Instagram, as it's poised to become an even bigger part of Facebook's overall revenue, almost all of which is based on advertising. The Instagram boss also tweeted out the comments he was getting about this design change.

Lots of people took to Twitter to vent their frustration of the new adjustment.

"Introducing a new way to move through posts", the pop-up said, alongside a message encouraging people give it a try. "We apologize for any confusion", the company said, reported the publication.