Friday, 18 January, 2019

Google Fit Gets New Features on Android, Wear OS

Google Fit app icon Google Fit Gets New Features on Android, Wear OS
Melissa Porter | 13 December, 2018, 01:13

Google Fit received its last big update in August, when it was redesigned to follow Google's Material Design style and altered to focus on heart rate rather than duration of exercise.

An update for Google Fit is rolling out this week, full of new features for users on Android and Wear OS devices.

Moving inside the Google Fit app, you'll now get to see information about your most recent workout on the top along with a map of your activity if you were outdoors. If you're wondering what Move Points and Heart Points are, these are the new metrics Google introduced in a bid to simplify the process of getting fit.

Google lists two main things as new: Home screen widgets and a breathing coach. In the app journal, you can adjust the intensity of your exercise and get awarded more Heart Points.

Google Fit Gets New Features on Android, Wear OS

The only downside is that the breathing exercises are only available on Wear OS for now.

For those who manually add in activities to Google Fit, you'll be able to now add how intense a workout was to be eligible to accrue Heart Points for it.

In addition a guided breathing app, Google is also bringing new Fit features to the phone app letting you add a Google Fit widget to your home screen.

The new features haves started to roll out to compatible Wear OS watches Android phones from now. If you've never tried Google Fit, you can grab it from the Play Store right here.