Friday, 15 February, 2019

Heather Nauert 'to replace Nikki Haley as United States envoy to UN'

Heather Nauert 'to replace Nikki Haley as United States envoy to UN' Heather Nauert 'to replace Nikki Haley as United States envoy to UN'
Melinda Barton | 08 December, 2018, 05:24

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Nikki Haley, then USA ambassador to the United Nations, the day that she resigned from the post, in the Oval Office, on October 9.

Trump told reporters last month that Nauert was "excellent", adding, "She's been a supporter for a long time". He praised her, saying she was "very talented, very smart, very quick and I think she will be respected by all". The latter is Trump's favorite cable news network, which helped her land the State Department job.

"Truly no one believes me: I am not even thinking about it", Haley said. Here are three takeaways from Nauert's nomination.

That's half-right. The position was indeed reduced to sub-Cabinet rank during the George W. Bush administration and restored to Cabinet rank by Obama. If her much more recent experience at the State Department provides such rich fodder for critics, it portends a hard confirmation process ahead.

With no policymaking or negotiating experience, and after 20 months as a spokeswoman for the state department, Nauert will take her seat on the security council alongside counterparts with decades of experience. It was filled temporarily at one point by Trump's current national security adviser John Bolton. She also may write another book.

"Our foreign policy is a mess and the president was laughed at through his last speech to the UN", Senate Foreign Relations member Christopher S. Murphy, D-Conn., told CNN. "And remember, a major part of the United Nations ambassador's job is public diplomacy".

Plucked from Fox by the White House to serve as State Department spokeswoman, Nauert catapulted into the upper echelons of the agency's hierarchy when Tillerson was sacked in March and replaced with Mike Pompeo.

GOP consultant Rick Wilson tweeted Friday morning that he "really didn't expect we'd have UN Ambassador Nauert until President Hannity, in consultation with Vice President Doocey and Secretary of State Ingraham met to discuss their foreign policy goals".

Nauert has not been the first person from Fox News to be appointed in the Trump administration.

But Bruen, who now heads the Global Situation Room consulting firm, questioned whether Nauert was the best pick when "American influence on the world stage is at a historic low". The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations once said that if you lopped off the top 10 floors of the organisation's NY headquarters, it would make no difference.

Nauert, 48, is a former Fox News Channel correspondent and anchor. Haley was also a diplomatic novice - though she did arrive in NY with the six years experience of running SC as governor.