Friday, 15 February, 2019

Google confirms Allo messaging app will shut down in March 2019

Google Allo Chat App Shutting Down By Year Users Will Be Able to Export Conversations Till March 2019 Google Allo Shutting Down
Sherri Watson | 08 December, 2018, 23:00

Messenger Allo was presented by Google in the mobile market in 2016, in a duet with the Duo, another app for sending messages. So the firm says it "will continue to bring more quality improvements based on machine learning that make video calls with Duo simple and reliable".

Google is going to phase out its messaging app Allo at the end of March and move any existing users to Messages, its new default Android SMS and chat app, the company announced this week. Allo users can also easily export and download their conversations so no data will be lost next year. Now it also hasn't received any meaningful updates in quite a while, but it is a much more popular chat app from Google.

Suggesting that Google's messaging strategy remains a work in progress, the tech titan just confirmed plans to shutter Allo. And unlike with Allo, Google says it is seeing "strong engagement across both Android and iOS". In addition to Messages and its work on the RCS standard for Android, Google has Hangouts and enterprise-grade apps Hangouts Chat and Meet.

It's dead Jim. After a rumour filled week, Google has finally made a decision to get ahead of the rumour mill, announcing their plans to kill off Allo, as well as re-iterate their plans for Hangouts Classic.

"Given Messages' continued momentum, we've chose to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages", Klainer said. With such a wide and comprehensive feature set, Hangouts leaves little room for Google's other messaging products. According to a report published on 9to5Google, the company has halted the development of Google Allo program for the last two months as it has not seen any drastic change in popularity.

Duo, a video chat app, also survives for now. We're fully committed to supporting Hangouts users in the meantime. Allo users are advised to export their chat history, and look for an alternative app for everyday instant messaging. However, the main reason Allo's closure is noteworthy in my mind is that it was the first use case for the Google Assistant.