Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Ariana Grande Loves Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Spoof

James Corden performs Ariana Grande Loves Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Spoof
Stacy Diaz | 08 December, 2018, 14:05

Sorry, Ariana Grande "Thank u, next" is out and "Thank u, Jeff" is in.

While everything about Ariana's song and accompanying music video is "SO FETCH!' we're in actual tears after watching The Late Late Show host James Corden perform his own rendition titled 'Thank U, Jeff".

The whole thing comes packaged in a video parodying Grande's pop-culture loaded clip, only this time there are dancers dressed as Grandmaster and Dr. Ian Malcom, and it's Goldblum himself filming from the audience.

The spoof video, which aired on Wednesday's "The Late Late Show", featured Corden singing about his admiration for Jeff Goldblum.

Goldblum could not believe that Corden got out his way to make a song about him, and even asked about the book.

It's a spoof of Grande's parody of the Burn Book

He goes on to croon some more versus, including, "He's our silver fox with black thick-rimmed glasses". "But who could forget the hot doctor that he played in 'Jurassic"?"

Jeff appears in the parody video, taking over Kris Jenner's role as Mrs. George by cheering James on as he sings and dances on stage.

"I thought it was very sweet", Goldblum replies.

Ariana Grande's single "Thank U, Next" has officially reached cultural phenomenon status. Grande wrote. "it's for a friend. promise".