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More than 20 hospitalized after deadly bus crash near Benton, Ar

More than 20 hospitalized after deadly bus crash near Benton, Ar More than 20 hospitalized after deadly bus crash near Benton, Ar
Melinda Barton | 05 December, 2018, 18:35

Arkansas State Police said the bus crashed along Interstate 30 near Benton, about 25 miles southwest of Little Rock.

State police confirmed the bus was carrying a youth football team from Memphis. He said he couldn't find his cellphone, so he used one of the children's phones to call 911. It is unknown how many of those injured are children and how many are adult chaperones.

During questioning, the driver told police she lost control of the vehicle, state police said in a statement.

The children on the football team reportedly range in age from 9 to 12 years old.

The youth football team had played in a championship game in Dallas before the bus crash took place. Images from the scene showed the heavily damaged bus on its side on an embankment near some dense woodland, just at the crook of a sharp bend in the road. The hospital says all of the patients are in stable condition, though details about the injures weren't immediately available.

Two patients underwent emergency operations, said Chanda Chacon, the hospital's chief operating officer.

No information has been released about the severity of the injuries, and authorities haven't talked about what caused the crash that happened under the cloak of darkness. The bus in Monday's crash was a charter bus.

The community was created for and by African-Americans after the Civil War, and black-owned businesses flourished there until desegregation enabled residents to live elsewhere.

The victims of the crash were team therapist Dayna Brons; players Parker Tobin, Logan Schatz, Jaxon Joseph, Stephen Wack, Adam Herold, Logan Hunter, Logan Boulet, Evan Thomas, Conner Lukan and Jacob Leicht; head coach Dary Haugan; play-by-play announcer Tyler Bieber; driver Glen Doerksen; assistant coach Mark Cross; and intern Brody Hinz.