Friday, 22 February, 2019

Marvel shares touching Stan Lee tribute video

Marvel shares touching Stan Lee tribute video Marvel shares touching Stan Lee tribute video
Stacy Diaz | 14 November, 2018, 22:57

The actor took to Twitter to slam the celebrities, from Chris Evans to Millie Bobby Brown, who shared a selfie alongside Lee. While many saw this as a heartfelt way to say good-bye, Armie thought these efforts were self-aggrandizing.

"Looks like you found a way to use others ways of mourning and their memories to draw some attention to yourself. You sound like a real a-hat (sic)", he tweeted.

Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr said: "I owe it all to you". That's how I would feel. Unfortunately amid the ruckus, however, one New Zealand newspaper (The Gisborne Herald) printed a front-page headline about Stan Lee's death while embarrassingly mixing him up with Spike Lee, the BlacKkKlansman director who is clearly an entirely different Hollywood figure.

Grummett said he was five or six years old when he would "risk his hide" crossing Saskatoon's 22nd Street to buy an Avengers comic book, because Lee's characters were that dear to him. Armie played the character Strong Arm, a hero with superhuman strength. "I said, 'Daddy please, no clatter, no steel, no any of that'". Lee is survived by his daughter and only child Joan Celia, known as "J.C.' His wife Joan died in July a year ago after suffering complications from a stroke".

The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan was among the many people who criticised the actor's sarcastic words. They are the foundation of Marvel Entertainment, which is now a multi-faceted company of which Marvel Comics is only one aspect of the business.