Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Huge backlash to Serena Williams GQ 'Woman of the Year' cover

Magazine cover featuring Serena Williams faces backlash Magazine cover featuring Serena Williams faces backlash
Stacy Diaz | 14 November, 2018, 01:40

Williams is named in this year's quartet alongside actors Michael B Jordan, Jonah Hill, and Henry Golding.

Serena Williams looked stunning on the cover of the GQ for the publication's annual "Men of the Year" issue.

She also wrote a heartfelt letter to her mother past year after becoming a mother, briefly touching on accusations over drug use.

Another tweeted: "I can't believe no one at GQ thought perhaps with misogynistic and violent trans insults that Serena (and Venus) have dealt with for the last nearly 20 years, to not put woman in quotation marks". But it was the cover introducing Williams as its pick for the female version of the accolade which caused the biggest commotion.

Williams returned from maternity leave this year and reached the final of both Wimbledon and the US Open.

Abloh dressed Williams for the 2018 U.S. Open, shown in the tweet above, in an nearly immediately iconic black leotard and tutu with the words "Serena" and "logo". Abloh's brand Off White prominently features words written in between quotation marks. Williams has spoken in the past about being called a man or shamed for her muscular body, Today notes. She most notably wore his black tutu design during the first round of the US Open. "It has been said that that I use drugs (No, I have always had far too much integrity to behave dishonestly in order to gain an advantage)".

"People would say I was born a guy, all because of my arms, or because I'm strong", she told Business Insider. "You can use typography and wording to completely change the perception of a thing without changing anything about it" Abloh explained "If I take a men's sweatshirt and write "woman" on its back, that's art".

One Twitter user said: "Someone didn't think that through very well".