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Blizzard Has No Plans For Warcraft 4

Blizzard Has No Plans For Warcraft 4 Blizzard Has No Plans For Warcraft 4
Sherri Watson | 09 November, 2018, 03:45

Diablo Immortal, a mobile spin-off, was met with a lukewarm reception, but it sounds like a much more tantalizing reveal is in the works. Blizzard seem to be deaf to this Diablo outrage.

After announcing the great news, Immortal faced some significant backlash from Diablo fans. A developer has no obligation to tell people what it's working on before it's ready to, but Blizzard's central focus on a mobile Diablo failed to recognize how that affects the perception, however inaccurate it may prove to be, of projects that haven't yet been shown. "The most unsafe thing you can do in life is play it safe". While another called it an "absolute slap in the face of all the fans who stuck with blizzard through the mess that was diablo 3, hoping that we'd finally get a good diablo game".

No matter how powerful the mobile platform can be, I, for one do not want to tap on glass to control a video game.

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Jefferies Financial Group analyst Timothy O'Shea states isometric action RPGs "attract large, harder core mobile audiences in Asia", and he is confident Diablo Immortal will do the same since "the Diablo franchise is popular in the US, China, Europe and Korea".

The way Blizzard are monetizing the title has yet to be announced but I do feel that it will be Free-to-Play and sustained through micro-transactions.

The problem here isn't even really that it's a mobile game, it's the improper context Immortal came with. That is the fear, and that is what the outrage is all out.

Despite Immortal featuring a narrative that many have been asking for, with it set to bridge the large gap between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, long-time fans of the franchise weren't pleased with the mobile-exclusivity.

The mobile market is dominant in the gaming industry, raking in a massive $70.3 billion by the end of 2018, those numbers look extremely attractive to companies like Activision Blizzard.

All fans can do now is wait and see what Diablo Immortal does for the future of the franchise.