Friday, 22 February, 2019

What's at stake in the USA mid-term elections

Masked black-clad protesters carrying anarchist flags smashed windows and scuffled with riot police Friday in downtown Washington bloc Media Voters Set to Deliver ‘Verdict’ on ‘Trumpism’ JEWEL SAMAD AFP Getty Images 4 Nov 2018
Nellie Chapman | 07 November, 2018, 02:57

Fundraising, polls and history were not on the president's side.

If the 2016 election taught us anything, it was not to rely only on the polls. Loves his Country and his State.

FILE - A woman arrives at a polling station in Lark Community Center as early voting for midterm elections started, in McAllen, Texas, Oct. 22, 2018.

Others, like former MA governor Deval Patrick, California Senator Kamala Harris and former vice president Joe Biden, have been a little more active.

He and first lady Melania Trump voted in NY via absentee ballot several weeks ago, the White House said. Kirsten Gillibrand and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Democratic candidates for the House of Representatives have raised $649m (£500m) from individual donors, more than double the $312m tally for the Republicans. The GOP's grip on high-profile governorships in Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin were at risk as well.

"For many Americans, the Great Recession brought dark days we will never forget - and never want to repeat". But some of the biggest delays at voting booths were also in Georgia.

These elections are known as midterms when they fall outside the four-year presidential election cycle.

The nationwide vote on Tuesday is being seen as a referendum on his presidency.

Two races which are of particular interest are Georgia, where Democrat Stacey Abrams is seeking to become the first black woman to become governor of a USA state, and Florida, where Democrat Andrew Gillum is locked in a bitter battle with Republican and Trump acolyte Ron DeSantis.

Democrats are trying to hold 10 Senate seats in states where Trump prevailed in the 2016 election, including Tennessee.

"The president absolutely is the focal point". He covers USA politics and current affairs.

Tuesday's vote followed Trump's tumultuous first two years in the White House, during which he cracked down on immigration, introduced massive tax cuts and employed increasingly polarising rhetoric. For the first time in his presidency, he offered an actual answer when he was asked if he had any regrets. Trump might even end up impeached by the House.

Democrats, whose very relevance in the Trump era depended on winning at least one chamber of Congress, were laser-focused on health care as they predicted victories that would break up the GOP's monopoly in Washington and state governments. This practice of manipulating constituency maps to gain political advantage was first practiced by MA governor Elbridge Gerry.

On Monday, Facebook, NBC and even the Mr Trump's favourite network, Fox News, announced they would stop broadcasting a 30-second ad paid for by his campaign, which featured an undocumented Mexican immigrant. Perhaps more important, they would claim subpoena power to investigate Trump's personal and professional shortcomings. Party nominees have publicly released their returns for decades.

How women and independent voters cast their ballots was likely to determine the outcome.

Trump blamed the political vitriol on election season.

New figures on the eve of the polls confirmed that job growth is soaring and Trump gives himself credit for the "hottest economy on Earth". Democrats are relying more upon women, people of color, young people and college graduates. Despite reports from the ground by the media of the struggles of the people walking almost 5,000 miles to the American border, queries are raised on how come they appear so clean and not exhausted at all.

The demographic divides were coloring the political landscape in different ways.

Democrats accused Trump of fear-mongering and former president Barack Obama decried his deployment of troops to the border with Mexico as a "political stunt".

Highlighting the questionable judgment that has caused many of her fellow House Democrats to seek to replace her as party leader in the lower chamber, Pelosi proudly embraced the Republican attack language that Democrats are the party of "San Francisco values". This is particularly true of the Senate, where each state has two seats regardless of population.

Despite not being on the ballot, Trump made the midterm elections about him.

Democrats boasted record diversity on ballots.

Three states could elect their first African-American governors, while several others are running LGBT candidates and Muslims.