Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

'Sociopath' boy arrested for killing mom over bad grade

'Sociopath' boy arrested for killing mom over bad grade 'Sociopath' boy arrested for killing mom over bad grade
Melinda Barton | 07 November, 2018, 04:15

Volusia County Sheriff's Department Gail Cleavenger, 46, was strangled to death by her 15-year-old son following an argument about a grade he received at school, authorities said.

Ramos put Cleavenger's body in a wheelbarrow, loaded her in the family van and then drove to a church yard to bury her in a shallow grave under a fire pit, Chitwood said.

Chitwood said Ramos allegedly believed his mother was dead and went to get a wheel barrow to retrieve her body, but when he returned he noticed she was still alive and strangled her again. The friends, both juveniles, are also in custody and facing multiple criminal charges. "There was nothing at all like that", Chitwood said.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told news outlets the teenager was arrested early Saturday after the body of 46-year-old Gail Cleavenger was found under a church fire pit.

Dawn Marie, a family friend, told Inside Edition Ramos is "not the monster they say he is", adding, "he was brought up in a loving home by loving parents". "He wanted me to go to the crime scene and admire his work".

He also reported his mother missing and said there was a van with the engine running sitting in his driveway.

An argument over a bad grade pushed a Florida teen "sociopath" to kill his mother, hide her body, then stage a burglary at his home, police said. He'd later tell authorities he deserved a Grammy for the "way he performed for the 911 call", Chitwood said. He called the suspect a "soulless individual", and probably one of the "top three sociopaths" he ever crossed paths with.

The murder of Gail Cleavenger is as gruesome as it is chilling, with the local sheriff telling Fox 35 that the case is "one of the most disturbing and saddest I've seen in my career". I have a feeling this is a case we'll be hearing about for years. But rather than expressing guilt or remorse, Chitwood said he seemed proud.

Greg Ramos wore a blank expression in court as he was appeared in court Monday.

Assistant State Attorney Tammy Jacques says prosecutors are deciding whether to try him as an adult.

His friends have been charged with being accessories to the crime.