Saturday, 19 January, 2019

Exit polls: Most Democrats want Donald Trump impeached

VIDEO US soldier killed in Afghanistan had one message for US ahead of midterms Vote PlayUS soldier killed in Afghanistan had one message for US ahead of midterms Vote
Nellie Chapman | 07 November, 2018, 08:18

"He is trying to do what we have never seen in the modern history of this country, to do what he is doing right now, to gain votes by trying to divide the American people up based on where we came from", Sanders said on SiriusXM Progress radio.

On the other side of the country, in Atlanta, Georgia, voters waited in line for almost two hours to cast ballots, according to local media reports. More recently, though, he said his agenda was indeed on the line.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., right, shakes hands with a campaign worker November 6, 2018, in Santee, Calif. But some of the biggest delays at voting booths were also in Georgia.

With the election approaching, Trump seized on the caravans of Central American migrants to reinforce an immigration message that recalls the racially charged immigration talk of his 2016 campaign.

He added: "The Democrat agenda is a socialist nightmare".

"The focus should be on issues that show Trump and gang stealing from all of us to benefit themselves", said Norman Eisen, who directs an ethics watchdog group, was the top ethics official on the staff of President Barack Obama and retains close ties to party leaders. "It's an awakening of the Democratic Party".

Democrats won the majority of New York's state Senate seats on Tuesday, taking hold of the legislative body for the first time in years.

Once in control of the three branches of government, Democrats are expected to take on issues like access to abortion, health care and affordable housing.

Some Democrats have vowed to force the release of his tax returns.

The 2018 United States midterm election has already set records for early voting, and turnout appears to be up across the board.

If ever there was an off-year election for younger voters to break tradition, this is it.

Mr. Trump called Mrs. Pelosi just before midnight to congratulate her and acknowledged her calls for bipartisanship, a Pelosi aide said. And among white men without college degrees, Republicans led 65 percent to 30 percent.

Democrats boast record diversity on the ballot.

Democrats needed to gain two Senate seats to win a majority, assuming all their incumbents were re-elected, an unlikely outcome.

Women voted considerably more in favor of their congressional Democratic candidate - with fewer than 4 in 10 voting for the Republican, according to VoteCast, a nationwide survey of more than 113,000 voters and about 20,000 nonvoters - conducted for The Associated Press by NORC at the University of Chicago.

The political realignment, if it solidifies, could re-shape US politics for a generation. The demographic shifts also reflect each party's closing argument. But if Republicans do better than expected, Trump will be able to claim vindication for his campaign strategy and his unconventional approach to the presidency. Campaigns unfolded against a backdrop of jarring political imagery, overheated rhetoric and angry debates on immigration, health care and the role of Congress in overseeing the president.

The party also continues to oppose the president's withdrawal from a 2015 global nuclear deal with Iran, and may use control of the House as a vehicle to undermine or probe his policy of "maximum pressure" on the Islamic republic. The midterms have even been dubbed the "health care election". "No matter who you voted for, I'm looking forward to representing you".

Tuesday's results will be colored by the dramatically different landscapes in the fight for the House and Senate.

Meanwhile, Sen. Joe Manchin III, the only Democrat to back Justice Kavanaugh, survived in West Virginia.

Nimat Shamari, 86, voted for Mr. Trump in 2016 but said she was so fed up with him that she voted against Rep. Barbara Comstock, a Republican, to send a signal.

"I'm not pleased with Trump's leadership at all".

"I can't even contemplate it, it would be so indescribable", said former Congressman Steve Israel. "I think there will be no difference here".

Trump doesn't think much of that poll. State Sen. Tamara Barringer, R-Wake, trails her Democratic challenger by 9,000 votes. Eisen said that he'd also like to see probes of administration decisions that affect the Trump Organization's business interests and those of Trump's daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. This is one of the districts redrawn, not by the legislature, but by an expert brought in by the courts during a long-running gerrymandering lawsuit brought against the Republican majority. "They may not be ideal, but who is?"

The election saw all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of 100 in the Senate up for grabs, as well as 36 governorships, many of those state races toss-ups according to the polls.

Though the candidates he has travelled to support often feel like supporting actors in the theatre of a Trump rally, the president has more urgently outlined the need for the Republicans to hang onto power.

Democrats were most optimistic about the House, a sprawling battlefield set largely in America's suburbs where more educated and affluent voters in both parties have soured on Trump's turbulent presidency, despite the strength of the national economy. Republicans flipped several Senate seats on Tuesday, with wins by Josh Hawley over Sen.

With memories still fresh from 2016, when Trump astonished experts by defeating the heavily favoured Hillary Clinton, pollsters are being cautious.