Saturday, 17 November, 2018

NFL Teams Getting Outfits, Custom Emotes In ‘Fortnite’ - Because Of Course

Fortnite Mobile Improvements Coming Soon Fortnite's gorgeous Cube event sends players into a crazy void
Kristopher Love | 06 November, 2018, 11:47

In brief: Epic's new partnership with the NFL is a brilliant way for gamers to express their football fandom in Fortnite and an even better way for Epic and the NFL to rake in additional revenue.

We always knew combining Fortnite and Madden would make for a cracking game. All 32 teams are available, with the Eagles advertised in midnight green home jerseys, and the uniform numbers can be customized between 1-99.

Epic Games' globally popular Fortnite online battle royale game is stepping up its profile in professional sports, announcing Monday a deal with the National Football League.

"Fortnite" will also have NFL-themed gliders, emotes and resource harvesting tools.

Fortnite has opened up a new set of limited-time challenges in honor of everyone's favorite sentient otherworldly cube. For example, Epic Games will re-introduce building from the quickbar buttons.

Welcome to our Fortnite update tracker! Then, it exploded into pieces and a trippy, in-game cutscene happened for every player that transported them into a mysterious and tranquil white world with a butterfly like rift flying around.

As it relates to performance, there will be major performance improvements for devices that run Android 7.0 Nougat and some older operating systems.

Epic Games did not say when it will bring these changes to Fortnite. Speaking of which, don't forget that you can probably pair a Bluetooth-compatible Xbox One controller with your phone if they're both reasonably up to date.