Saturday, 19 January, 2019

Idris Elba, People's Sexiest Man Alive, Wants You to Vote

Idris Elba Idris Elba, People's Sexiest Man Alive, Wants You to Vote
Stacy Diaz | 06 November, 2018, 21:01

British actor Idris Elba has been named People's 2018 "Sexiest Man Alive". He said: "I was like, 'Come on, no way. Thank you so much, People magazine, for making me sexiest man in the world", Elba said, flexing a bicep. As the actor himself told People, "It was a nice surprise - an ego boost for sure".

The "Luther" star has been handed the annual honor y the publication, which past year went to country singer Blake Shelton, and he admitted it was an "ego boost" to receive the news.

Check out the cover photo below... This is only the third time a man of colour has won the award, following Johnson in 2016 and Denzel Washington 10 years before.

No doubt the talented thespian - who has been considered to portray 007 James Bond - owes plenty of his success to living with as few regrets as possible.

"I was very tall and skinny", he said.

"But again, as soon as I could grow a moustache, I was the coolest kid on the block".

The phrase "Sexiest Man Alive" was trending following the announcement.

On Twitter, the star said: "Who'd have thought it!"

So what did Elba think when he first heard about his latest title? "But what's even more important is your vote in the midterm elections. Grew a moustache, had some muscles, bonkers".

The 46-year-old actor joins a long list of hunks that has included Matt Damon, Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt. "I'm super doting, big hugs, kisses, lots of love-yous". When Good Morning Britain asked over the summer if they were looking at the next Bond, he simply replied, "No".

It's maybe not on the level of, oh, the 2016 presidential election, but Blake Shelton being named Sexiest Man Alive in 2017 is one of the great upsets of the 21st century.