Wednesday, 23 January, 2019

Amazon Plans To Split HQ2 Between 2 Cities

The Amazon Spheres are seen from Lenora Street the Space Needle in the background at AmazonÕs Seattle headquarters in Seattle Amazon Plans To Split HQ2 Between 2 Cities
Nellie Chapman | 06 November, 2018, 01:00

Amazon could split its HQ2 between two cities , The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Amazon has reportedly narrowed down the list of locations for its second headquarters.

Mayor Hogsett says he expects Amazon's decision soon after the midterm elections Tuesday so that the five billion dollar bombshell doesn't change any political races for the victor or the loser locations.

Amazon initially chose 20 possible cities for next headquarters and said it plans to make $5 billion in capital investments alone in the city it chooses.

Amazon's plans, the Journal reported, would place about 25,000 workers in each city, a move created to give the company a greater ability to attract talented workers.

With just weeks left until its self-imposed deadline of year-end, Amazon is close to selecting two different cities for additional North American headquarters.

The company will choose two locations instead of one, according to the Wall Street Journal, which said one location lacked sufficient technology talent. Pittsburgh officials have been extremely quiet about Amazon, discussions with the company and the company's visit to the city. Shortly after the Post published its story, Mike Grella, Amazon's economic development director posted on Twitter, "Memo to the genius leaking info about Crystal City, VA as #HQ2 selection".

If Crystal City or the Northern Virginia area really have been favored all along, it could raise questions of whether the other cities wasted their time and money in putting together bids.

The e-commerce giant a year ago announced plans to invest US$5 billion in a second headquarters and hire up to 50,000 people, setting off a frenzy of interest from cities in the USA and Canada.