Wednesday, 23 January, 2019

Diablo Immortal is a Truly Mobile Dungeon Crawling Experience

Diablo Immortal is a Truly Mobile Dungeon Crawling Experience Diablo Immortal is a Truly Mobile Dungeon Crawling Experience
Sherri Watson | 03 November, 2018, 18:42

As shown in a video of the event by the Skill Up Twitter account, a lone man rose from the crowd to ask what his question. You'll still have to buy the Forsaken expansion if you plan to see the newest content, but inviting fresh players by giving away the base game will only benefit its hardcore and soon-to-be fans. Blizzard hasn't abandoned the core Diablo franchise just because it created a mobile game. And after six years to reveal a Diablo mobile game hasn't sat well with many fans. Diablo Immortal will pit players against Diablo's older brother Bael as they journey across various locales, including the classic Frozen Tundra and the new jungle island Bilefen. The result will likely be a mobile MMORPG that has insane incentives for making in-game purchases, along with a story that fits between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III on the timeline.

The game will feature six distinct classes just like that in the Diablo trilogy which are monk, wizard, crusader, demon hunter, necromancer and barbarian.

The boss fights look interesting, the levels look more dynamic than ever before, and, to be frank, I like the Diablo Immortal aesthetic more than I like Diablo 3's aesthetic. The Chinese company has previously helped to bring a number of Blizzard's games to China.

If you are a fan of the Diablo series from Blizzard (now Blizzard/Activision) and have been hoping that maybe, some day, a full-featured game would land on iOS devices in the future, that wait is nearly over.

Fortunately for them, Blizzard has already announced that they are working on multiple Diablo games so it seems one of them might be Diablo 4.

In one of the major highlights from today Blizzcon livestream, it was revealed that WoW Classic would have a release date in 2019. Gamers can expect more classes over time; here's hoping the Bard, Druid, and Amazon return to the game. Diablo 3 has pretty much run its course by now, and fans have been clamoring for the next great thing from the franchise.