Tuesday, 20 November, 2018

Blizzard reveals skins and concept art for Ashe, Overwatch's new hero

The new Overwatch hero is Ashe: here are her abilities Blizzard's Overwatch reveals hero 29, Ashe
Stacy Diaz | 03 November, 2018, 05:24

Blizzard showed a new Overwatch animated short at BlizzCon 2018 called Reunion starring McCree.

Overwatch streamer Jeff 'emongg' Anderson got the chance to try out the game's newest hero along with Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan.

So, now we know that you can Nanoboost B.O.B., which makes his description as kind of a "7th hero" for teams even more accurate.

Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock Gang, which McCree was formerly a member of.

Blizzard Entertainment  Activision
Ashe and her automatic rifle

The sassy, fierce, Southern-accented leader of the Deadlock Gang, Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe, is the official 29th hero of Overwatch.

The Overwatch Twitter tweeted the short alongside the message: "An explosive train robbery gives McCree the chance to settle some unfinished business with a few former associates". More information about the new hero will be available at the Overwatch: What's Next panel happening today. More to come on her, as Blizzard sends the information over. Ashe's main weapon rewards precise aim, as does her Dynamite ability. When it detonates, it lights enemies on fire and deals damage over a period of time. Ashe also has the Coach Gun, which knocks back both Ashe and her enemies when the shot connects.

"Ashe blasts enemies in front of her, knocking them away and propelling herself backward for added mobility". Let's hope that Bob, Ashe's robo sidekick summoned by her ultimate, gets to play dress-up for real.