Sunday, 17 February, 2019

Samsung might omit earphone jack in upcoming Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung might omit earphone jack in upcoming Galaxy S10
Sherri Watson | 02 November, 2018, 20:53

A couple of weeks back, Samsung launched its new smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Samsung introduced the Iris scanner in Note 7, but it wasn't very accurate and now it seems Samsung is ditching it. By skipping the Iris scanner, Samsung is showing a lot of confidence in their implementation of the new fingerprint scanning standard.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 isn't due to launch until 2019, but we're already seeing quite a few leaks and rumors about the upcoming smartphone line.

There's always the chance that the Iris Scanner will be scrapped in favour of a more robust facial recognition system, like that used on the iPhone X or Huawei Mate 20 Pro, as was previously rumoured. Bloomberg goes even further assuming that the fingerprint reader beneath the screen will be present for the Galaxy S10, just like the Huawei Mate 20 (prohibited from sale in the US once again)... but also the camera front! Instead, the S10 will rely much more on the expected ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor.

Well, Samsung has plenty of phones in the midrange segment with Galaxy J7 series models which is quite enough to confuse the consumers.

While Samsung is expecting price declines for NAND memory chips, it's also expecting an increase in demand from the growing cloud market and bigger mobile storage offerings. The Galaxy S10 is expected to be unveiled either in January at CES 2019, or in February at MWC, and only then we will know for sure whether the new design will appear on the phone or not.

The South Korean manufacturer will reportedly produce 1 million units of the smartphone in the first year.

The tech giant's first foldable smartphone will have two display panels, a 7.29-inch main display and a 4.58-inch sub-display, according to local news outlet The Bell on November 2.

There's no information on pricing or availability yet, but we will keep you updated.