Tuesday, 20 November, 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct coming this Thursday

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct Promises Tons of Gameplay Nintendo Treehouse: Live To Showcase Smash, Pokémon, Yoshi's Crafted World And Diablo After Direct
Sherri Watson | 01 November, 2018, 22:23

Ultimate is almost a month away and Nintendo is seemingly done teasing us. Ultimate is likely to be the last triple-A game release of the year, thanks to a December release, but there's still plenty we don't know: the full roster, the mysterious final mode, the mystery of Waluigi's absence, etc.

Announcing the news, the Nintendo UK VS Twitter account posted: "Tune in at 14:00 (UK time) on 01/11 for the last Super #SmashBros Ultimate Direct presentation before the game's launch!"

The tweeter said the upcoming Smash Direct could be "one of the most watched Directs in the history of Directs".

As mentioned, a Nintendo Treehouse: Live live will start after the Direct ends.

We can expect to see the last new characters, stages and features unveiled in the Nintendo Direct.

So what could such a long, Smash-focused Direct bring? On November 1, 2018 at 7am PT/9am CT/10am ET, a Super Smash Bros. However, that's all about to change, as Nintendo just announced an impressively lengthy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Please, Sakurai, I beg you: save Banjo-Kazooie.