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NASA found a flawless iceberg shapes

NASA found a flawless iceberg shapes NASA found a flawless iceberg shapes
Theresa Hayes | 28 October, 2018, 02:14

NASA also observed that the iceberg's sharp angles and the flat surface were an indication of the fact that it was probably "calved from the ice shelf".

Iceberg found near the ice shelf of Larsen, which he might split.

NASA scientists with the Operation IceBridge have released one more photo this week, and it is freaky. Previously, NASA has launched a project to search for extraterrestrial civilizations. The photo was taken on October 14, 2018, just two days before Operation IceBridge captured its now-famous photo of the iceberg.

NASA's statement also mentioned that it is the same ice sheet from which an ice chunk, the size of DE, had separated in July 2017. More: - NASA ICE (@NASA_ICE) October 23, 2018 'I thought it was pretty interesting, ' Jeremy Harbeck, senior scientist with the IceBridge mission that was flying over Antarctica at the time, explains. In fact, one other rectangular iceberg - let's call it Tabular B, and the first-seen one Tabular A for simplicity's sake - takes center stage in a newly released photo. "Indeed, the iceberg definitely captured the interest of the public, and the original photo of the object was shot at an angle that made the iceberg appear nearly perfectly square".

NASA scientists have captured images of an iceberg in Antarctica that looks perfectly rectangular. It's now in the midst of a five-week project to chart icebergs in the Northern Antarctic Peninsula, a mission that's scheduled to conclude on November 18.

The A-68 ice island is roughly the size of Delaware.

Because the world was absolutely not satisfied before, NASA has released even more images of that baffling, almost perfectly rectangular-shaped iceberg.

Just past the rectangular iceberg, which is visible from behind the outboard engine, IceBridge saw another relatively rectangular berg and the A68 iceberg in the distance. But in the released picture of that, it has shown only a portion of that iceberg.