Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Cardi B Announces Anti-Rat, Anti-Raccoon Mayoral Platform On Jimmy Kimmel

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Stacy Diaz | 19 October, 2018, 03:22

The audience burst into laughter, with Jimmy joking: 'That's a rude thing for her to do'. "She broke my vagina". "'Oh you know when you give birth, it's gonna hurt, ' but no one tells you that like, 'your vagina!'". "Nobody told me that they were going to stitch my vagina".

In a Rolling Stone interview this summer, she said she was surprised that President Donald Trump hadn't been impeached already.

It's even more surprising that no one gave the "I Like It" rapper a heads up considering how many people she had in the delivery room with her - she told host Kimmel that her parents, her mother-in-law, husband Offset, her sister and her publicist were all on hand to welcome Kulture to the world in July.

Earlier this month, Cardi B turned herself into authorities and was charged with assault for her connection to a brawl at a NY strip club. You know why nobody told you about those things. They just look at you like, 'why are you in my backyard, my garbage?'" She is, of course, completely correct: "distemper-infected zombie raccoons have become a real problem in recent months (although there have been some occasional innocent raccoons swept up in raccoon hysteria). Cardi apparently took off her shoe and threw it at Nicki's face.

In a statement at the time, Cardi B said she thought she may have underestimated the "whole mommy thing".

Still, she's ready to have two or three more kids: "I do feel like I need to rest, but, oh my god, the happiness that my baby brung me is like, I could do this over and over again".

Musician Cardi B doesn't want to be as open about her politics as other modern celebrities tend to be these days.