Thursday, 24 January, 2019

Coalition Senators Apologize for Saying 'It's Okay to be White'

Australian Senate Votes Against Motion That ‘It Is Okay To Be White’			Michael Masters  Getty Images		15 Oct 2018 Australian Senate Votes Against Motion That ‘It Is Okay To Be White’ Michael Masters Getty Images 15 Oct 2018
Melinda Barton | 18 October, 2018, 07:40

"The associations of the language were not picked up". What do you think of Pauline Hanson's bill?

It looks something like this, according to Cormann: an internal process that lets senators know just how they should vote on various bills that come up during the day went haywire.

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said he regrets that his government supported a "white supremacist" Senate motion.

The resolution, tabled in the Senate yesterday, was drafted by populist firebrand Pauline Hanson and railed against what it described as "the deplorable rise of anti-white racism".

Senator Hanson's motion condemning so-called "anti-white racism" was defeated in the Senate on Monday, but was backed by 23 Coalition senators and strongly endorsed on Twitter afterwards by cabinet ministers.

"As a result of the administrative process failure, the government senators in the chamber ended up, on advice, voting in support of the motion", the minister for finance said.

"The reality is yesterday's decision by Government Senators to vote in favour of a phrase created and disseminated by white supremacist groups around the world is a shameful episode".

The government's leader in the upper house, Mathias Cormann, said he took personal responsibility for Monday's error, apologising to the Senate.

Cormann threw himself under the blame bus on Tuesday, but actually he'd tried earlier to stop the government being run over by the Hanson truck.

"As I indicated when this motion first came up, we made a very clear decision to oppose that motion. We never discuss that in the shearing sheds, on the farm or at the local pub" and said about all the motions being put forward in the Senate "frankly I'm over them all" calling them "political sessions".

"If I had said it's ok to be black, every single senator in the chamber would have voted for it", Hanson lamented in the statement.

"It is a matter of administrative error".

"I found it regrettable", he said of his government's support for the motion, "but the leader of the government in the Senate will be making a statement on that shortly".

But one of the motion's opponents, Justice Party Senator Derryn Hinch, furiously denounced her words. We deplore racism of any kind.

When the motion was looming this week, unbeknown to Cormann fresh advice was sought from Porter's office, which again declared it should be supported.