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Nintendo Switch Online Adds an Easy Version of Zelda

Nintendo Switch Online Adds an Easy Version of Zelda Nintendo Switch Online Adds an Easy Version of Zelda
Sherri Watson | 11 October, 2018, 05:59

Nintendo Switch Online recently made its debut, and subscribers to this service now have access to a library of over 20 classic NES games.

"Living the life of luxury!", this "souped-up" version is more novice friendly than the original, which offered very little explanation or hand holding after its opening moments.

Available now, Nintendo has updated the version of The Legend of Zelda with an optional set of special game save data that anyone can access, which starts you off as Link with almost all of his special weapons and items already unlocked along with loads of rupees (the game's currency) with which to buy even more goodies from in-game vendors. Although the nostalgia is enough to keep some fans playing, Nintendo did announce that if players beat this version of The Legend of Zelda, they will unlock a more hard version called Second Quest.

Solomon's Key - As Dana, a skilled and talented hero, you must strategically maneuver through over 40 stages using mysterious block-creation skills and other magical powers. You'll begin with all equipment, incluing your White Sword, the Magical Shield, the Blue Ring, and even the Power Bracelet. The third game is also sports themed.

Of course, the most interesting thing about this game is the idea that Nintendo might release more altered versions of classic NES titles via the Switch Online service.

Other NES games will receive similar data in the future.

Frictional Games, who are the developers behind the horror series Amnesia, have told GameSpot that they would very much like to to see the series on the Nintendo Switch system. In December, three more games will join the service, including the original Ninja Gaiden, the puzzle game Wario's Woods and The Adventures of Lolo.