Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

The Apple Watch Series 4 still struggles with Daylight Savings Time

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Sherri Watson | 10 October, 2018, 16:46

The issue crops up in the Infograph Modular face, with the Activity function of the Series 4 unable to handle the fact that the day is now one hour shorter than normal.

Australian Apple Watch Series 4 owners with a certain watch face are stuck in a loop. On usual days, the watch uses 24 hours to draw this data. The issue is causing the watch to restart over and over again until it runs out of power.

Whilst the root cause of the error is yet to be explained, commentators claim the watch's Activity complication could not re-calibrate its 24 hour graph, with an hour missing.

According to 9To5Mac report, the issue is happening because the watch face is active with the Activity complication.

A side strengthened by the release today of the declination Nike+ the Apple Watch Series 4 - which, victim of its success, is out of stock. It is believed that a 23-hour day where the clocks roll back to save daylight have caused the Watch S4 to shutdown, continuously rebooting until it makes sense of the situation. As a temporary workaround, users can try to remove the Infograph watch face from the Watch companion app on the iPhone.

Naturally, the Activity issue is a very popular choice for users so the number of users affected is significant.

However, Apple will need to issue an update pretty quick, as Europe is heading for Daylight Saving pretty soon and the United States at the beginning of November. DST ends in Europe on October 28th and in North America on November 4th so the company has more than enough time to get things right.