Saturday, 15 December, 2018

Employment and Mental Illness

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Melissa Porter | 10 October, 2018, 12:24

"In fact, this organization states that half of all mental illness begins at age 14, but most cases remain undetected". 'Yet for too long, mental health has been mostly an afterthought, despite its overwhelming impacts on communities and young people, everywhere'.

I'm not a mental health expert by any stretch of the imagination, but with one in five solicitors likely to be affected by a mental health issue at some point during their careers it's an issue that should be taken very seriously.

Psychologists have advised members of the public to pay more attention to their mental health to protect themselves from the challenges and to reduce the increasing cases of the disorders in the country.

Rachael's story is just one of many and goes to show that getting the right help can make a difference. "The stigma is fuelled by the cultural notion that mental health should not be talked about because "you should not make an issue out of nothing" and just "learn to deal with it", said Dr Gauthamadas, specialist in neuro-behavioural medicine at DocGautham's Neuro Center.

"People come to Xero to do the best work of their lives, which is why it's vital we support not only their physical wellbeing, but their mental wellbeing as well", says Xero's chief customer and people officer Rachael Powell. "We can not expect to save lives if people who need help are being turned away from specialist care", they wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday.

This year, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is promoting the theme "CureStigma" to end the stigma of mental illness and a lack of compassion and understanding that can prevent people from getting help.

The second day of the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit takes place in London today.

A recent evaluation of the McGowan Government's "Think Mental Health" campaign has shown the program has delivered impressive results, with 28 per cent of males who saw the campaign taking action to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

The application seeks to provide business owners with a flexible, free and accessible support service, allowing them to conduct brief screens or mental health checks around common business stresses.

Doctors also need to be less hesitant and more comfortable referring clients to mental health professionals to enable early detection and treatment.

Mental health issues signify disorders that affect mood, thinking and behaviour of an individual due to depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and even eating disorders and addictive behaviours.

"Problems appear too big, too hard or embarrassing to overcome, and suicide may look like the only option", she said.

Making employees feel valued is essential to creating an open environment where they are comfortable speaking up about their mental health.

Changing Minds is a Lottery funded project, but as the Lottery funding runs out in November, they are searching for further funding.

The chairman of the Nigerian Psychological Association, Federal Capital Territory Chapter, Dr Emmanuel Alhassan, in a statement to mark this year's World Mental Health Day, which comes up tomorrow, October 10th said if mental health issues are tackled as soon as they occur, they may not degenerate to mental illnesses.

Xero is also working closely with mental health organisations across the world to support mental health causes.

The report was published ahead of a first global ministerial mental health summit in London this week.