Monday, 21 January, 2019

What Jose Mourinho Shouted At Tv Cameras Following United Comeback

Ferdinand says Mourinho's comment is 'laughable' Sports 07 Oct 2018 Ferdinand says Mourinho's comments at being scrutinized are laughable
Kristopher Love | 09 October, 2018, 05:00

Jose Mourinho remains in charge of Manchester United, despite the rumours which circulated on Friday.

The win for United ended a run of four games without a victory for the club, though they remain seven points behind Chelsea, Liverpool and current champions Manchester City.

With the January transfer window less than three months away, Bones said: "I think if you're the owners, you have to support whichever manager is in place". When United doesn't attack and, as the last two months have shown, they don't defend either.

While the final 25 minutes saw United at their best, everything that came before was them at their worst.

It was a day where he could be happy with his substitutions though with Mata getting the first and Sanchez getting the victor whilst the decision to move Paul Pogba deeper certainly worked as the Frenchman ran the game in the second half.

Big-money signing Alexis Sanchez, who scored his first goal of the season against the Magpies, has come under scrutiny for his performances and misfiring Romelu Lukaku has also faced criticism.

"It's tough [at United], it has been a tough situation", Rooney said.

According to the Sun, the move was suggested by Pogba himself after Mourinho asked his players for their input in the dressing room at half-time.

"I go to London tonight, if it rains in London tomorrow, it's my fault".

United have not sounded out any candidates at present and are hoping that Mourinho (left) can turn things around and remain until at least the end of the season. Don't get that anxious about what the manager said about you or the coaching staff.

'The manager can do so much but then it is down to the players on the pitch to produce.

Manchester United were put into a test drive against Newcastle United.

Mourinho's prospects of winning a trophy in the 2018-19 campaign after looking slimmer following Manchester United's 8-7 loss on penalties to Championship side Derby County in the League Cup third round.