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More US cities ditch Columbus Day

Group pushes for Indigenous People’s Day in Aurora More US cities ditch Columbus Day
Melinda Barton | 09 Октября, 2018, 09:47

We honored the Italian explorer, coloring pictures of the ships Columbus captained to "discover" our homeland.

Following the city's announcement last week that it would not be observing Columbus Day, the group that appeared most irked were Italian Americans, who have traditionally celebrated their heritage on Columbus Day as well.

Libraries: Most public libraries, including the New York Public Library will be closed on Columbus Day. In blue states especially, communities now recognize Columbus as a slaveholder, rapist and plunderer of gold; a total of 56 cities and four states have followed Berkeley's example. The city only had a big enough budget to celebrate Columbus Day or Veterans Day this year, and since most of the workers are vets, officials said they chose to give them the day off in November.

"Columbus is home to 110,000 veterans", Davis said in an email to NPR.

It was the most popular tour bus destination in the country that year.

This year, at least a dozen USA cities- including Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati- will instead celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day today.

"What we do is focus on what we're here for to enjoy each other's company and to enjoy our history and to celebrate this day", said Joe Latino, one of the people celebrating the day.

The idea of changing the traditional holiday has often sparked intense disagreements. But organizers of the Columbus Italian Festival think they just wanted to be politically correct in the wake of last year's national push to abolish the longstanding holiday. "How stupid of Mayor Ginther to perpetrate this embarrassment for our City!" "And we're supposed to be the most progressive city in the world, right?" "It's about reconciliation. It's about trying to bring people from different cultures, different backgrounds, different races together", said Republican Sen. "I would much rather see Veterans honored".

An attempt in Akron to rename the holiday grew ugly a year ago, dividing the all-Democratic city council along racial lines. Columbus Day is actually one of the three federal holidays that TD Bank remains open for ... Several states, including Alaska, Hawaii and OR have never recognized it.

The debate continues to rage on social media as well, with some saying Christopher Columbus should no longer be honored and others saying the holiday should stay. Amid the debate, many also note that on October 12, 1492, the explorer made landfall in the Bahamas, not in what later became the United States.

The switch was announced quietly Thursday, allowing Columbus to avoid the consternation around canceling Columbus Day that's taken place elsewhere.

Columbus isn't alone. More people are instead opting to celebrate the alternative Indigenous Peoples' Day, according to USA Today.