Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Toyota recalls 2.4 million hybrid cars over stall fault

The Toyota Prius The Toyota Prius
Nellie Chapman | 05 October, 2018, 17:27

The carmaker is recalling 2.43 million of its hybrid vehicles worldwide, including 1.25 million in Japan, 807,000 in the USA, 290,000 in Europe and 3,000 in China.

Toyota said it was not aware of any actual accidents caused by the fault.

Toyota doesn't sell the Auris in the United States, which is why the Stateside component of this recall only covers the Prius and Prius V. In 2016, Toyota also recalled some 2.87 million cars including the Prius for leaky fuel tanks, and a further 1.43 million mainly Prius vehicles for non-Takata airbags.

The recall is meant to address situations in which the failure of a specific component, coupled with hard acceleration, could cause the vehicle to lose power rather than enter a failsafe driving mode.

A Toyota UK spokesman said owners of the affected vehicles would be notified.

"The involved vehicles were created to enter a failsafe driving mode in response to certain hybrid system faults", Toyota said.

The problem identified arises when the cars fail to enter "failsafe driving mode as intended".

This could cause the vehicle to possibly stall.

Toyota said it had received three reports in Japan related to the problem by the end of September and reported them to the transport ministry.

Toyota has sold more than 12 million hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles globally, including the Prius, since 1997.

A total of 744 Toyota Prius cars in Singapore have been recalled due to a fault that could result in a higher risk of the cars crashing.